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US lawmakers have jumped ahead of Italy’s marine casualty and criminal investigations of the Costa Concordia disaster and the International Maritime Organization’s Maritime Safety Committee’s May session in scheduling hearings today and Thursday in Washington.

Concordia's forward fuel tanks emptied; aft tanks now being pumped

Following a week where unstable weather conditions hampered the oil removal process from Costa Concordia, the operation resumed again last Friday with the crane barge Meloria and bunker barge Magic Duba repositioned alongside the vessel, just behind the stabilizer.

UBS sees Q1 finishing well but forward pricing declines

UBS Investment Research is beginning to see some cruise ticket pricing declines, with rates down slightly week over week for the first time since the start of the year but still slightly up on average since 2012 opened.

Concordia survivors among witnesses for US House hearing

A Massachusetts couple who survived the Costa Concordia capsize are among the witnesses scheduled to testify in the US House of Representatives Subcommittee hearing on cruise ship safety.

It’s official: US Senate Committee sets its own Concordia hearing

Cruise Lines International Association’s Christine Duffy, industry critic Ross Klein and PortMiami director Bill Johnson are among the witnesses scheduled to testify before the Senate Commerce Committee’s hearing on Costa Concordia.

The hearing follows, by one day, a House Subcommittee hearing on cruise ship safety.

Italy widens Costa Concordia criminal investigation

On a day when eight more bodies were found aboard the wrecked Costa Concordia, Italian prosecutors have widened their criminal investigation to include four more ship’s officers and three shoreside employees of Costa Crociere, news agency ANSA reports.

US hearing on Concordia ‘lessons learned’ set for Feb. 29

The House of Representatives’ Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, chaired by Rep. John Mica, a Florida Republican, has scheduled its previously announced cruise ship safety hearing for 10 a.m. Feb. 29.

Eight bodies reported found aboard Costa Concordia (**updated**)

Eight more victims of the Costa Concordia capsize have been located within the wreck, according to AFP, the Associated Press and other news reports from Italy.

One month after Costa Concordia hit the rocks off the island of Giglio, Costa Crociere is actively fighting to dampen the groundswell in the Italian media which is questioning the future of the Costa brand.

The company is also giving notice it will take legal action to protect its reputation and that of its executives, including battling scams or attempts at profiteering from the Costa Concordia tragedy.

Paul Gauguin completes $7m renovation

Paul Gauguin completed a $7m refurbishment, the largest in the ship’s 14-year history, which took place during its 10-night crossing from Tahiti to Brisbane, Australia, as well as during the 11-night drydock at Forgacs that followed.

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