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Italy widens Costa Concordia criminal investigation
On a day when eight more bodies were found aboard the wrecked Costa Concordia, Italian prosecutors have widened their criminal investigation to include four more ship’s officers and three shoreside…
US hearing on Concordia ‘lessons learned’ set for Feb. 29
The House of Representatives’ Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, chaired by Rep. John Mica, a Florida Republican, has scheduled its previously announced cruise ship safety hearing for 10 a.m. Feb. 29.
Eight bodies reported found aboard Costa Concordia (**updated**)
Eight more victims of the Costa Concordia capsize have been located within the wreck, according to AFP, the Associated Press and other news reports from Italy.
One month after Costa Concordia hit the rocks off the island of Giglio, Costa Crociere is actively fighting to dampen the groundswell in the Italian media which is questioning the…
Costa Concordia fuel removal continues 24/7
A total of 952 cubic meters of fuel had been removed from Costa Concordia’s tanks as of Friday morning in an operation that has gone around the clock since starting…
Costa Concordia’s Filipino crew get $2m payout
Some 281 Filipino crew members from Costa Concordia received a total of $2.048m for lost wages and personal effects, the Manila Standard Today reports.
Costa extends deadline for Concordia compensation
The day after the families of those missing from Costa Concordia gathered at a memorial service on Giglio Island, Costa Crociere announced the extension of its proposed compensation for passengers…
New G.P. Wild report details cruise vessel casualties
Citing increased media and public interest in cruise safety statistics following the Costa Concordia accident, G.P. Wild (International) has published a new detailed study, ‘Cruise Industry Casualty Report 2012.’
UBS: Costa pricing dips, overall cruise pricing flat
Costa ticket prices dropped approximately 40 basis points while overall cruise pricing held flat sequentially for the second straight week, according to UBS Investment Research’s UBS Cruise Data Tracker, which…
First oil removed from Costa Concordia
Late Sunday afternoon, the first oil was removed from the stricken Costa Concordia, SMIT Salvage reports. According to the Dutch company, the initial operation is focused on the forward fuel…
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