2013 US Vessel General Permit continued indefinitely

In an update, the US Environmental Protection Agency said the 2013 Vessel General Permit—which covers discharges incidental to normal operation—will not be reissued prior to its Dec. 18 expiration date. The 2013 VGP will be administratively continued and remain in effect until a new permit is issued.

New permit proposal anticipated in spring 2019

Owners and operators of vessels operating under the administratively continued permit are expected to comply with the terms and conditions of that permit. The EPA said it stands ready to assist those applying for VGP and continues to work on reissuing the permit, with a target timeframe of permit proposal in spring 2019.

No additional NOI or PARI form required for covered vessels

For vessels currently covered by the permit, coverage continues. No additional notice of intent or record of inspection (PARI) form is required to continue such coverage beyond Dec. 18.

For vessels currently without permit coverage, EPA strongly encourages owners/operators of eligible vessels to seek permit coverage prior to Dec. 18 as coverage under the 2013 VGP cannot be obtained after that date.

EPA first issued the VGP in 2008 and subsequently reissued it in 2013. This provides for National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit coverage for incidental discharges into US waters from commercial vessels greater than 79 feet and for ballast water from commercial vessels of all sizes.

Posted 12 October 2018

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Anne Kalosh

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