A-Z of cruise brands, their fleets and passengers 2017 – a Seatrade Whitepaper just published

Getting to grip with ship names, who owns which ships, their length and draft is must-have data for anyone engaged in discussion with cruise line executives.



Some cruise companies have lots of brands; some only have one. Some brands have lots of ships; some only have one. Some have only mega-ships; some only have yacht-sized ones; some have a mix of both.

Their passengers also come in all different nationalities, age and income groups.

‘There is a lot to learn and, with new brands and ships being introduced on a regular basis, and the orderbook at a record high it is hard for anyone to keep up but it is vital for your own business that you do,’ advises cruise analyst Tony Peisley and lead researcher on the A-Z directory.

Seatrade's latest downloadable Whitepaper features data on 55 brands and 288 ships (plus 72 on order/new builds) outlining their fleets, ship sizes, key passenger characteristics and current deployment; sorted by the industry’s own categories: Contemporary (mass-market/3 star-plus); Premium (Four star); Premium-plus (Four star-plus); Luxury (Five Star) as well as those operating in Budget or other market niches.



Posted 04 April 2017

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Mary Bond

Managing director publishing and content at Seatrade

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