AIDAnova’s Ems passage delayed for higher water levels Monday afternoon

AIDAnova will remain at Papenburg until Monday evening when her passage to Eemshaven starts AIDAnova will remain at Papenburg until Monday evening when her passage to Eemshaven starts PHOTO: AIDA Cruises/Michael Wessels

Meyer Werft has confirmed a delay to today’s schedule of AIDAnova’s Ems River passage due to insufficient water levels earlier this morning. According to the revised schedule, AIDAnova is going to be ready for departure at 16:00 hrs this afternoon.

She is expected to sail from Meyer Werft around 19:00 hrs, passing Papenburg's locks about an hour later.

Around 07:00 hrs on Tuesday morning Leer will be passed, followed by the Ems barrier at Gandersum around 13:30 hrs.

The passage of Emden is scheduled for 15:00 hrs on Tuesday, October 9.

Due to dock in Eemshaven Wednesday morning

After another night, AIDAnova will dock at Eemshaven around 07:00 hrs local time on Wednesday. The Ems River passage will be commanded by Captain Wolfgang Thos, Meyer Werft’s harbour pilot.

In addition a team from the Ems River pilot association will be onboard AIDAnova to support the challenging, narrow river passage. During her transfer to Eemshaven, AIDAnova is going to sail under her own power with assistance provided by two tugboats.

First LNG bunkering at Eemshaven

She will though sail with conventional fuel, as the first LNG bunkering is technically possible only at Eemshaven where further outfitting and trials of AIDA's new flagship are going to take place.

AIDAnova will embark on a series of 'pre-premiere' cruises in the second half of November prior to her official christening and repositioning to the Canary Islands.

Meyer Werft stressed that tidal or weather conditions may still lead to further schedule changes. The yard said, however, that it expects a sufficient water level of Ems River to be reached during the afternoon hours of Monday.


Posted 08 October 2018

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