Carnival kicks off pay for wedding packages with wave bonus

Carnival is paying higher commissions on wedding package sales made during the wave period, through March Carnival is paying higher commissions on wedding package sales made during the wave period, through March (Photo: Carnival Cruise Line)

Carnival Cruise Line has begun paying travel agents commission for wedding package sales and is offering wave season bonuses.

Commission tiers for wedding packages will be based on sales made from January through March. The pay tiers are Silver (one to 10 weddings): $200 per wedding; Gold (11 to 35 weddings): $225; Platinum (more than 35): $300.

After March 31, agencies reaching Silver, Gold and Platinum booking tiers will earn ongoing commissions at the following levels: Silver: $150 per wedding, Gold: $170 and Platinum: $200.

Agents who do not book wedding packages prior to March 31 will qualify for the Silver level commission tier for the remainder of the year.

'While on-board wedding celebrations offer travel agents an excellent opportunity to build multigenerational group business, they also take an extra effort to organize,' said Carnival’s Adolfo Perez, VP sales & trade marketing. 'We wanted to be sure that agents know we value the added work that goes into these sales by offering commission on them moving forward.'

Carnival provides an array of packages to meet various styles, sizes and budgets. The line recently introduced new options featuring shipboard weddings on embarkation day, while a ship is docked at a port of call or at sea, as well as shoreside settings at select destinations.

Packages include the Intimate Ceremony, Grand Ceremony and the Carnival Classic, which features additional customized selections for amenities and reception menus. Specific entertainment and photography options may be added, too.

Commissions on wedding sales made during the accelerated earning period will be paid on April 16. Ongoing commissions will follow Carnival’s standard monthly commission payment process.


Posted 15 January 2018

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