Carnival's 'bigger, broader, richer' agent commission program

Adolfo Perez - 'This is a great way for agents who are at lower commission to drive up their earnings' Adolfo Perez - 'This is a great way for agents who are at lower commission to drive up their earnings' (Photo: Anne Kalosh)

The response to its 'AMP Up Commission Challenge' in September was so strong Carnival Cruise Line decided to extend the travel agency promotion into a long-term program.

'It's bigger, broader and richer,' said Adolfo Perez, VP sales and trade marketing.

Under the new 'AMP Up Commission Program' agencies can increase their pay rate to as high as 15% based on active deposited bookings made during wave season, from Jan. 1 to March 31. Qualifying agents who reach booking goals during this window will earn higher pay on new bookings made April 1 through Dec. 31.

To qualify agents must first register and submit a marketing plan on the 'AMP Up Commission Program' site detailing how they intend to meet their commission goal. Once approved, they then need to achieve the threshold for their goal: 20 bookings for 11% commission, 38 bookings for 12%, 63 bookings for 13%, 88 bookings for 14% and 125 bookings for 15%.

During the January through March booking period, all new active, fully deposited individual bookings made as well as all berthed group cabins will automatically count toward an agency’s booking goal.

At the conclusion of the booking period, agencies will receive an email summary of their achievements and increased commission level for April through December, if applicable. New FIT and group bookings made from April through December will be eligible for the higher pay level while all berthed group cabins made during this period will earn the commission established at the time of the group booking.

Travel agencies in the US, Puerto Rico and Canada currently earning commissions from 10% to 14% are eligible to register.

Perez said 1,500 agencies signed up for the September commission challenge, however not all were eligible because they already were earning more than 14%.

Carnival's big agency accounts and strategic partners will already be at the top commission level, so the program doesn't impact them.

'There are tons of agents we want to work with who are not in those groups,' Perez said. 'This is a great way for agents who are at lower commission to drive up their earnings.' They should get a boost from wave season demand when aiming for their qualifying pay level and, if they achieve the threshold sales, they'll get the higher pay for most of 2018 (nine months).

Registration is open through Nov. 12 at

Posted 16 October 2017

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