Cono Sur eyes 2018/19 cruise record for Chile

Festive welcome for Zaandam to Coquimbo Festive welcome for Zaandam to Coquimbo PHOTO: Cono Sur

The Southern Cone Ports Corp. (Cono Sur) forecasts the current 2018/19 cruise season could reach a record high.

Previous high 455,000, counting crew

More than 450,000 passengers and crew are projected to arrive by international ships, perhaps surpassing the record 455,000 passengers and crew in the 2008/09 season.

Scheduled calls are 15% higher than last season—271, up from 236—when 380,000 passengers and crew arrived.

Promotional work

'We hope that this season will be quite successful for the cruise industry in Chile,' Conosur president Enrique Runin said. 'This favorable scenario is due to the good work by the public and private sectors, including years of hard work by the corporation to promote cruises to Chile.'

After several years, the country is returning to record cruise numbers, Cono Sur executive director Sebastián Montero added.

'We are working to include also the statistics of the international cruises that arrive to other tourist destinations, such as Easter Island, Juan Fernández, Sugar Loaf, Isla Damas, Niebla, Quellón, Tortel, Chaitén and Puerto Edén, among others,' he said. 'With all this, we hope to surpass the historical record of the last years in Chile.'

Posted 20 December 2018

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Anne Kalosh

Editor, Seatrade Cruise News & Senior Associate Editor Seatrade Cruise Review