Costa fights food waste in the galley with new partner Winnow

Costa Diadema is the first ship in the fleet to implement the Winnow system Costa Diadema is the first ship in the fleet to implement the Winnow system

In its latest initiative to reduce food waste, Costa Cruises joined forces with Winnow, a technology company that provides chefs and their staff with creative ways to run a more efficient operation.

Winnow allows a '360-degree implementation of a sustainable approach to reducing food losses during the preparation process,' according to Costa's Stefania Lallai, sustainability and external relations director.

'We truly believe that together with Winnow we have the potential to change the culture in our kitchens, transforming the way the cruise line sector prepares food forever,' she said.

The system is being tested on Costa Diadema and will be implemented on all Costa ships in Europe and Asia.

Winnow helps chefs measure, monitor and dramatically reduce food waste. Here's how it works: The galley team uses a touch-screen tablet to identify what they’re throwing away. An electronic scale records the weight and sends a message to the user, giving the cost of the food they’ve put in the bin.

The meter is connected to cloud software that records and analyzes the day’s waste. This gives chefs the information to drive improvements in their production processes to cut food waste in half, saving money and reducing their environmental footprint at the same time.

The data helps chefs make better decisions, engage staff and give them a clear focus by setting targets.

'Costa Cruises immediately saw that Winnow could help them cut food waste in their kitchens and understood the benefit to the planet as well,' said Marc Zornes, CEO and co-founder of Winnow. 'Tackling food waste is a huge opportunity for the sector and with the right tools can be transformative for the entire cruise line industry.'

Posted 19 September 2017

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Anne Kalosh

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