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Crystal Esprit rescues 12 people from wrecked catamaran

The rescued people with Crystal Esprit Capt. Thomas Larsen, Vice Capt. Damir Rikanovic and the rescue team The rescued people with Crystal Esprit Capt. Thomas Larsen, Vice Capt. Damir Rikanovic and the rescue team

Crystal Esprit responded to a distress call in the Seychelles Islands Thursday, rescuing a dozen people, including three children, from a damaged catamaran in bad weather.

The 62-passenger Crystal Yacht Expedition Cruises vessel responded to the call about a catamaran that was dragged from its mooring buoy and grounded close to shore. The area was experiencing heavy rain and substantial swell, which caused fatal damage to the catamaran that had to be abandoned.

Those rescued were all French nationals.

The Crystal Esprit team along with the Seychelles Coast Guard transferred the group onto Esprit’s 10-passenger Zodiac, a very risky and demanding operation on the reef in the high swell.

'Everyone is now safe thanks to a great job from the deck and marina team,' Crystal Cruises said.

Posted 17 February 2017

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