DeCurtis Corp. is forging ahead with NCL's new technology platform

Cruise Norwegian app currently available on Norwegian Bliss and Norwegian Sky Cruise Norwegian app currently available on Norwegian Bliss and Norwegian Sky (Photo: Norwegian Cruise Line)

Norwegian Cruise Line disclosed it's working with DeCurtis Corp. to develop 'Cruise Freedom,' a new technology platform that 'meaningfully enhances the guest experience from the moment of booking throughout their Norwegian cruise.'

NCL's tech reveal had been promised by Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings president and CEO Frank Del Rio and follows major competitors Carnival Corp. & plc with its Ocean Medallion, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. with Excalibur and MSC Cruises with MSC for Me.

Cruise Norwegian app on new Norwegian Bliss

The partnership with DeCurtis is the second stage in NCL's ongoing objective to 'elevate the guest experience and push the limits of innovation via technology,' the line said Friday, on the US debut of Norwegian Bliss and an investor conference on board the ship. In December NCL announced the fully integrated Cruise Norwegian app, to date available on Norwegian Sky and, now, Norwegian Bliss.

'Innovation has always been at the core of Norwegian's philosophy and with technology ever advancing, we too are tasked with reaching the forefront of technological advancements,' NCL president and CEO Andy Stuart said.

'This partnership with DeCurtis is an advantageous opportunity to rapidly advance our own efficiency and allow both tech-proficient and less tech-savvy guests to navigate their experience seamlessly on board and throughout any point in their voyage with us—from dreaming to cruising.'

Del Rio went further to say the investment in this technology has the 'potential to position us as the leader in our industry, and further pioneer new cruising experiences that result in increased guest satisfaction.'

Making the cruise more immersive and memorable

'Creating elegantly simple solutions to solve complex problems has been our main focus for the last 20 years,' said David DeCurtis, founder of DeCurtis Corp. 'With our entry into the cruise and hospitality market over a decade ago, DeCurtis has continued to revolutionize and streamline operations and truly transform guest and crew experience in what is both a unique and rewarding space.

He continued: 'As we explore ways to utilize technology across several platforms, we are looking forward to working with Norwegian Cruise Line with a clear focus on making the cruise experience more immersive and memorable.'

Seatrade Cruise Awards' 'Supplier of the Year'

DeCurtis Corp. was awarded 'Supplier of the Year' at the annual Seatrade Insider Awards (now Seatrade Cruise Awards) in 2012 for its Mobile Assembly Suite technology, which remains the leading solution on the market for empowering crew during the muster process. Furthermore, DeCurtis Corp. is positioned among the top tier of Microsoft Partners. A focus on applying technical knowledge and resources to maximize operational efficiencies that lead to direct financial impact is at the center of Norwegian's alliance with DeCurtis Corp.

'This relationship with DeCurtis is one of the integral parts of our digital strategy and is invaluable for the launch of our next ship, set for completion in fall of 2019, as well as a new class of ships we'll be introducing in 2022,' said NCLH SVP and chief information officer Keyvan Bohlooli. 'We are working closely with the design, engineering and management teams as well as our on-board crew to ensure all new technology will easily be integrated for rapid adoption and expedited use on not only our recently launched and future ships, but ultimately the rest of the Norwegian fleet as well.'

Posted 04 May 2018

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