Liz Tauck Walters is godmother of Tauck riverboat Savor

Liz Tauck Walters is godmother of Tauck riverboat Savor

Liz Tauck Walters, a board director at her family’s travel company and a granddaughter of company founder Arthur Tauck Sr., will serve as godmother to the second of Tauck’s two new Inspiration-class riverboats launching this year.

Savor will be christened on June 21 in Bingen, Germany, following Inspire's April inaugural in Basel.

Walters is the third daughter of company chairman Arthur Tauck Jr. to serve as godmother for a Tauck riverboat, following Kiki Tauck Mahar (Swiss Jewel) and Robin Tauck (Treasures). Lee Tauck, mother of the three sisters, served as Swiss Sapphire godmother.
As an undergraduate at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, Liz Tauck led tours of the campus for Tauck groups on New England itineraries. More recently, she’s helped lead the company by serving as a director, while also being involved in Tauck’s award-winning philanthropy initiatives.

Posted 20 May 2014

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