Meyer expands to assemble ship blocks on 'conveyor belts'

The new conveyor-belt like structure will be installed in Papenburg's expanded Building Hall IV The new conveyor-belt like structure will be installed in Papenburg's expanded Building Hall IV (Photo: Meyer Werft)

In another advance that makes Meyer Werft a model of shipbuilding efficiency, the huge blocks that comprise newbuilds are going to be put together on a conveyor-belt-like assembly line.

This will be comprised of a series of steel platforms supplied by EMS Schiffbau of Emden in a deal valued at about €4m.

EMS Schiffbau will provide 10 platforms, each measuring 25 meters by 34 meters, with a height of 2.8 meters and weighing 210 tons. These platforms serve as the basic surface for putting the blocks together on the assembly line.

The Papenburg shipyard's Building Hall IV will be lengthened by approximately 100 meters to accommodate the process.

Up to now, only sections—the decks of a ship with corresponding reinforcements, walls, supports and the outfitting items such as pipes, air conditioning ducts and cable trays—are produced on a big conveyor belt.

In future, two blocks will leave the conveyor belt each week in five production cycles, helping to optimize assembly at the yard.

Meyer Werft ordered the structural components from EMS Schiffbau in February and they're scheduled to be supplied and installed during May and June.

Posted 20 March 2017

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Anne Kalosh

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