MSC helps familiies share vacation highlights on social media

Luciano Spinelli will teach how to polish those vacation snaps for sharing Luciano Spinelli will teach how to polish those vacation snaps for sharing PHOTO: MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises teamed with YouTube vlogger and influencer Luciano Spinelli for a class on how families can capture the best shareable vacation photos and videos.

More than 4,000 tags a week on Instagram

Posting on social media has become second nature to many travelers, fueling vacation envy and sharing experiences with friends and family back home. In fact, MSC Cruises has more than 4,000 tags a week on Instagram. In a video series, Spinelli will give hints and tips on creating polished Instagram photos and expertly scripted and filmed YouTube videos, as well as introducing the latest craze,, to kids in MSC Cruises’ youth and teen clubs and their families.

Participants will then embark on a fun and interactive team game to put their creativity to the test and produce their own award-worthy content for the chance to win prizes.

'Kelly & Kloe' return

In addition to the content master classes, MSC Cruises announced that 'Kelly & Kloe,' the company’s kids’ web series, will return with five new episodes later this year. The third series of the hit show, with more than 4m views by children on board and online, will feature an episode starring Spinelli.

Every episode is based on scripts created by kids on board as part of the 'Kelly & Kloe' experience day, designed to encourage creativity and expression among MSC Cruises’ youngest voyagers.

Posted 23 July 2018

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