Nightlife Music goes to sea with Princess Cruises

Caribbean Princess one of several Princess ships supplied by Brisbane-based Nightlife Music Caribbean Princess one of several Princess ships supplied by Brisbane-based Nightlife Music

Nightlife Music, Australia’s largest music technology company, has anchored a major deal with Princess Cruises, for the curation of onboard customised soundtracks onboard multiple ships.

‘The first of our music and onboard entertainment technology was installed on Crown Princess during a drydock in the Bahamas, while the first system installed in Brisbane was in September 2018 onboard Sea Princess,' Nightlife Music’s ceo David O’Rourke said.

Other ships supplied by Nightlife now include Caribbean Princess, Sun Princess, Golden Princess, Ruby Princess, Royal Princess, Diamond Princess and Coral Princess.

Brisbane-based, worldwide clients

Brisbane-based Nightlife Music crafts customised soundtracks for its 4,000 clients across hospitality, retail, hotel and accommodation sectors.

‘Understanding the diversity of passengers is key when it comes to tourism engagement,’ Nightlife Music’s ceo David O’Rourke said.

‘We have been working closely with Franz Mehrfert , manager of music direction at Princess Cruises to design a vast array of musical spaces to personalise a cruise experience for passengers no matter what ship they are on,’ he said.

Focus on teens, youth and Asian Pop

A focus has been the growing trend of younger generations, particularly millennials and Gen Xers.

Princess has also given teens and youth a high level of attention adopting the company’s engagement technology crowdDJ® which allows passengers to choose the music they love and want to hear in their areas via interactive, touch-screen kiosks.

At the other end of the spectrum, an enormous amount of curation has been dedicated to producing numerous ballroom playlists, which covers everything from classes to up-tempo modern styles of dancing.

The Nightlife music team has also been tasked to design Asian Pop playlists - and other cultural-specific music to suit distinct cruising routes and passenger demographics.

Nightlife is attending its first Seatrade Cruise Global taking place in Miami April 8-11, 2019.


Posted 15 February 2019

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