Pastry chef partnership to bring chocolate atelier, creperie to MSC

Jean-Philippe Maury - a world pastry champion Jean-Philippe Maury - a world pastry champion

In a new partnership with MSC Cruises, the acclaimed French chocolatier and pastry chef Jean-Philippe Maury is bringing new desserts to the buffet, specialty restaurants and the MSC Yacht Club. Plus, the four Meraviglia and Meraviglia-plus newbuilds will have special gourmet sweets venues.

'Jean-Philippe Maury is a world pastry champion who embodies passion, elegance, innovation and excellence—the same characteristics that distinguish MSC Cruises,' said Rick Sasso, president of MSC Cruises USA.

Maury was named Best Pastry Chef in France (Meilleur Ouvrier de France 1997) and gold medal winner at the World Pastry Team Championship (2002 and 2004). In partnership with MGM Resorts International, he manages Jean Philippe Patisserie. One of its two locations houses the world’s tallest and largest chocolate fountain. Last summer, Maury opened iDessert, an innovative dessert concept in San Diego.

The MSC Cruises partnership is first being implemented aboard MSC Divina, where Maury is adding flair and some twists on original recipes. Following the introduction of his creations on there, they will be rolled out across other ships in the fleet.

Aboard the Meraviglia-class ships, there will be a chocolate atelier with an open kitchen where passengers can watch the chocolatiers at work and sample Maury’s specialty pastry and bakery treats. The chef also will participate with MSC Cruises to create a gourmet ice cream parlor and creperie located within the indoor promenade, where shops and boutiques are encapsulated by the longest LED dome at sea.

Posted 13 February 2016

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Anne Kalosh

US editor of Seatrade Cruise Review and Seatrade Cruise News


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