Port Everglades terminal transforms for Ocean Medallion cruising

More comfortable pre-boarding areas More comfortable pre-boarding areas

A streamlined design, interactive experiences, movie theater and more comfortable pre-boarding areas feature in a newly transformed terminal at Port Everglades.

Carnival Corp. & plc is behind the extensive, multimillion-dollar redesign and upgrade of Cruise Terminal 2, used exclusively by Princess Cruises.

'When our guests arrive at the terminal excited about their cruise, that's a great opportunity for us to begin immersing them in a more personalized and hassle-free vacation experience,' said Carnival Corp.'s John Padgett, chief experience and innovation officer.

Carnival aims to maximize every customer engagement, from the time people leave home, through the terminal and to their stateroom, with a special emphasis on making an exceptional arrival at the terminal.

Cruise Terminal 2 has been transformed so travelers can embark at a pace that's more relaxed and convenient for them. This is facilitated by Carnival Corp.'s proprietary Experiential Internet of Things (xIoT) network, activated by the Ocean Medallion.

Passengers sailing on Medallion Class ships will have expedited embarkation and a more personalized arrival as soon as they enter the terminal. This includes interacting with their Ocean Tagalong on a gigantic LED screen that surrounds the Ocean Portal area they enter after clearing the security and check-in space.

Ocean Tagalongs are digital companions that travelers create and personalize using the SocialOcean app, available for download through the Apple App Store and GooglePlay. They can choose a sea turtle, seahorse or butterfly fish to best reflect their personality or mood, then customize it by body shape, color, pattern and markings.

The Ocean Tagalongs take center stage on the Ocean Portal screen in the heart of the terminal as the avatars of travelers in the immediate area appear in a vibrantly-animated ocean setting that creates an Instagram moment.

Terminal 2 also features Carnival Corp.'s new MedallionNet Wi-Fi, featuring exceptional speeds and bandwidth, pervasive stateroom signal strength and service consistency.

This also facilitates mobile gaming via PlayOcean Everywhere, four social casino games that can be played anywhere, any time with virtual currency, and the option to play for money once the ship sets sail.

On the terminal's ground floor, passengers can relax in the OceanView Theater, a cinema that airs original travel series produced by Carnival. The terminal's second level offers views of Fort Lauderdale's Intracoastal Waterway and Princess ships.

It also includes another interactive experience: travelers can direct their Ocean Tagalongs through a series of screens by moving their arms and hands to control the creature's swimming motions and directions as they prepare to board.

The 141,000gt Regal Princess will be the first ship to depart from the newly redesigned terminal on a series of preview cruises introducing Ocean Medallion vacations.

Posted 10 November 2017

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Anne Kalosh

US editor of Seatrade Cruise Review and Seatrade Cruise News


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