River and coastal cruise fleet handbooks published

Arnulf Hader, a renowned German authority on river cruising, has released the twelfth edition of his River Cruise Fleet Handbook.

In addition, Hader has released a new publication, the Coastal Cruise Fleet Handbook, which comprises cruise vessels between 32 and up to 200 beds plying coastal waters worldwide.

This new publication fills a gap between the existing registers of ocean going cruise vessels and river ships. Most established ocean cruise ship registers cover only ships exceeding 100 beds, thereby leaving out most of the minor ships operating for example off Croatia.

Hader told SCN that the 2018/19 River Cruise Fleet Handbook comprises details on 875 ships plus updated content with new information added for example about Elbe River and 1AVista Reisen GmbH.

The Coastal Cruise Fleet Handbook includes only vessels with 32 or more beds and lists 207 coastal river ships, including capacities and details of registration, legal owner, operational range and details about the facilities available onboard.

Hader, who retired from his former position as project manager of the Bremen Institute of Shipping and Logistics (ISL) in 2015 now lives in Bayreuth, prints and distributes his publications privately.

The River Cruise Fleet Handbook is sold for €150.00 plus VAT per copy, while the Coastal Cruise Fleet brochure is on sale for €25.00 plus VAT per printed copy.



Posted 12 September 2018

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Frederik Erdmann

German Correspondent

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