Santa Cruz terminal, French Riviera Cruise Club called models for dialogue

Anne-Sophie Peyran tells how the French Riviera Cruise Club unites local stakeholders (Photo: Frederik Erdmann) Anne-Sophie Peyran tells how the French Riviera Cruise Club unites local stakeholders (Photo: Frederik Erdmann)

Tenerife's new cruise terminal at Muelle de Ribera in Santa Cruz received extremely positive feedback as it was presented to the industry for the first time in hosting the Seatrade Cruise Med Gala Dinner Wednesday night.

A senior US cruise line executive called it one of the five or six best cruise terminals he has seen worldwide.

Other cruise line representatives highlighted the security configuration, the clear layout for passengers, the check-in hall layout, accessibility for disabled travelers and the extensive use of wood in the interior design as strong points.

On Thursday morning Grupo Pullmantur's Javier Marín Martinón, director itinerary planning and route economics, used the Seatrade Cruise Med conference to applaud Ports of Tenerife's approach in planning the terminal. He said the port authority had continuously communicated with the terminal's future users and shown a great deal of flexibility throughout the planning.

Miami-based Berenblum Busch Architecture and Ports of Tenerife had presented the terminal plans to cruise line executives to gain their feedback and ideas. This input was implemented in the eventual design.

Another blueprint for industry dialogue presented at Seatrade Cruise Med on Thursday was the French Riviera Cruise Club, which has grown to 200 members. Open to all local cruise stakeholders, including hotels, shops and restaurants, the club aims to develop the region's cruise offerings and generate local support for cruising, according to Anne-Sophie Peyran, manager of marketing, sales and communications, French Riviera Ports.

As part of these efforts, the French Riviera Cruise Club created an eco award, organises behind-the-scenes tours for citizens living close to the cruise berths and holds an annual port event for local kids.

The need for greater dialogue among ports, destinations and cruise lines has been the dominant topic of Seatrade Cruise Med's first two days, particularly in light of port congestion and the impressive capacity to enter the market in the years ahead.

Despite the issue being identified, few best-practice examples—such as the new Santa Cruz cruise terminal and the French Riviera Ports' approach—have come up so far.

With regard to crowding in ports. Costa Cruises' head of itinerary planning, Federico Bartoli, commented on Thursday that nobody is happy with the situation, but it doesn't seem easy to resolve.


Posted 22 September 2016

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