Cruise the Saint Lawrence is calling for a long-term solution to protect the highly endangered North Atlantic right whale that avoids economic impact on communities and cruise lines resulting from a recently mandated 10-knot speed cap.

GE Power and Fincantieri agreed to co-develop an emission control solution to reduce air pollution from cruise ships. The Shipboard Pollutant Removal System will be compliant with MARPOL’s more stringent limits taking effect by 2020. 

The Panama Maritime Authority officially inaugurated a Miami office to facilitate technical inquiries and respond to clients on the US East Coast. Previously, the registry's technical office was located in New York.

With Brexit negotiations now in full flow, talk about how it will impact the cruise industry is at the top of many an agenda.

The Trump administration's new Cuba rules may not impact cruise operations but they're 'disruptive' in terms of US-based lines' ability to invest in port infrastructure improvements.

Ventures by Seabourn is substituting locally sourced catamarans for the ship's Zodiacs in Alaska this summer after a US regulator questioned the operation under coastwise trade regulations.

Cruise operators were spared President Trump's reinstatement of many Cuba travel restrictions and likely will benefit further since Americans are no longer allowed to plan their own private trips.

Carnival Corp. & plc said the policy changes planned by the Trump administration will allow its ships to continue to sail to Cuba.

A British engineer who reported illegal discharges of oil-contaminated waste from a Princess Cruises ship was awarded $1m related to the line's $40m criminal pollution penalty.

With more than a hundred cruises by US-based lines scheduled to visit Cuba during 2017 and 2018, a US-Cuba trade expert asks if cruise operators know what others don't, or are they 'walking a proverbial plank?'

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