Sale and Purchase Market 2015

DateVesselMost recent previous nameBuiltGtCabinsBasis 2SellerBuyer/OperatorMarketReported price
Jan-15 Bahamas Celebration Prinsesse Ragnhild 1981 35855 515 1030 Celebration Cruise Holdings Inc. Indian Breakers n/a Undisclosed
Feb-15 Ocean Star Pacific Aquamarine, Arielle, Aquamarine,Carousel, Nordic Prince 1971 23149 525 1050 Corporation de Cruceros Nacionales Indian Breakers n/a Undisclosed
Mar-15 Lisboa Princess Danae, Baltica,Starlight Express, Danae, Therios Express, Port Melbourne 1955 16531 283 568 Portuscale Cruises Turkish Breakers n/a Undisclosed
Mar-15 Splendour of the Seas n/a 1996 69130 902 1804 Royal Caribbean International TUI Cruises UK Undisclosed
Mar-15 Deutschland n/a 1998 22400 294 552 Administrator of Peter Deilmann Absolute Nevada US US$21m
Jun-15 Crystal Symphony n/a 1995 51044 480 960 NYK Japan/Crystal Cruises Genting Hong Kong Limited Int’l US$550m
Jun-15 Crystal Serenity n/a 2003 68870 545 1090 NYK Japan/Crystal Cruises Genting Hong Kong Limited International (Vessels and Company)
Sept-15 Tere Moana Le Levant 1999 3504 44 88 Paul Gauguin Cruises Grand Circle TravelBahamas US Undisclosed
Sep-15 Akdeniz n/a 1955 8809 157 314 Istanbul Technical University Turkish Breakers n/a Undisclosed
Oct-15 Celestyal Odyssey Explorer, Olympia Explorer, Olympic Explorer 2001 24318 420 836 TBA Diamond Cruise InternationalCruise Lines SE Asian Undisclosed
Nov-15 Aegean Paradise Happy Dolphin,Delphin Voyager, Cruise One, Orient Venus 1990 21884 325 650 Hainan Cruise Enterprises New Century Maritime SE Asian US22.89m
Nov-15 Veronica Mona Lisa, Oceanic II, Mona Lisa, Victoria, Sea Princess, Kungsholm 1966 28891 379 744 Daewoo Shipping (DSME) Indian Breakers n/a Undisclosed
Totals       374,385 4,869 9,686        

(includes transactions for the period from 01/01/15 to 31/12/15)

Note: the above information is provided in good faith although the accuracy cannot be guaranteed
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