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BLOG: Hospitality photo operations continue to see revenue growth by selling on-demand photo products

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It is no secret that since social media and sleek large-screened smartphones have become prevalent in our lives, the need to purchase physical photo products continues to diminish by consumers. To combat the rise of digital, more and more cruise ships have started selling physical photo products onboard. The photography staff takes photos of guests and then offers to print a product before their trip is over. This approach offers a unique opportunity for cruise ships to increase onboard revenue while a customer is experiencing a joyful moment.

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Instant gratification is a powerful psychological phenomenon that describes the pleasure of receiving immediate rewards. When people attend fun events, they are often looking for a way to
enjoy themselves and take home something memorable. By selling photo products at these events, photographers can tap into this desire for instant gratification and offer people a tangible and personalized memory of their experience to take home.

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One of the most popular photo products sold on cruise ships is the photo print. By offering a range of print sizes, styles, and formats, cruise ships can cater to various tastes and preferences. However, the print has limitations since the perceived value is typically low. A client can purchase a photo print for pennies at their local drugstore.

One company, Artsy Couture, has invented some of the world’s most popular on-demand photo products like wood ornaments, photo cubes, canvas, wood magnets, and more. These exciting
and unique products are simple to make and can be created within minutes so there is not a long wait time. The customer walks away with a great souvenir. Exciting design templates can help promote a cruise ship's brand or destination(s).

Artsy Couture 2.jpg

Cruise clients of Artsy Couture are seeing great results in driving incremental sales growth to their photo operations. Artsy Couture will work with your team to create a sales strategy, design custom templates, and train your staff on building the product. For more information contact [email protected] Visit our website


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