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BLOG: A smile says more than 1000 words

A Smile Says More Than 1000 Words_Felix.png

Whether a family on their first cruise seeking the adventure of their lifetime, or a couple celebrating their 10th anniversary, they all have one thing in common: Their journey starts with a hassle, the time-consuming and stressful boarding process at the terminal. But it is not just a downer for the guests. Cruise lines also pay a hefty price tag for the extended time anchored at the ports and miss the opportunity to sell their services aboard to the customers.

So why waste all that time filling manifests, answering health questionnaires, and checking passports, if passengers can do all of this at home or on the go, in a single one-app solution? This helps the guests to ensure that corresponding officials collect all mandatory information on time through smart checklists, and allows the passengers to just drop their baggage and proceed to the security checkpoint, just like they already know from the online check-in at the airport.

But why stop there?

We are all used to paying at checkout desks with our smart devices. So why not do the same onboard by using the app to pay at bars, and shops, and even open your cabin? Thanks to facial recognition to authenticate the guests at the moment they step to the counter, they will need nothing more than their everyday device and a smile to enjoy everything on-site you can offer them.

Picture your crew greeting every single guest by name, on counters, in restaurants, and even the gangway with this.

What sounds better?

“Your boarding pass, please!”, or “Hello Mrs. Jones! How was your trip to Rome?”

We have all that information laying around us, and as the old saying goes: “Knowledge is power”, so let’s leverage this data to make cruises more fun, efficient, and much smarter.

Hop on Lufthansa Industry Solutions, not to just dream about the future, but to redefine the customer experience for the cruise industry.

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Written by: Felix Ohm


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