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BLOG: Top 5 Tips for Successfully Selling Photo Products on Cruise Ships and Resorts

Image reflects an assortment of on-demand, or same day, products which can be customized, printed and delivered to guests in real time.

Selling photo products on cruise ships and in resorts presents unique challenges. Artsy Couture sat down with Ian Johnson, the former Director of Photo Operations at Sandals, Princess Cruise Lines, and now runs photo operations at, to learn how to be most successful.

Optimize Space:
Due to limited space, it is essential to maximize the use of display areas. Showcase high-quality samples that guests can see firsthand. It’s important that the product samples are fresh and in good condition. With heavy handling, items wear quickly. Display popular, high-margin items, focusing on products featured in photo packages.

Image depicts a photo cube, customized on five sides, with stunning images of a couple’s recent vacation.

Offer One-of-a-Kind Products:
In an era where smartphones have made souvenir photography more accessible, it's crucial to offer photo gifts that surpass guests' expectations. Curate a catalog of high-quality products guests cannot create themselves or find at big-box retailers. The goal is to provide unique, compelling products that evoke powerful memories of their trip. Remind guests that professionally taken photos capture more than just a selfie; they preserve special moments and emotions.

Consider creating sample products in other areas of the cruise ship or resort, such as the spa, gift shop, or pursers' area. Collaborations with these departments can lead to cross-promotions and increased visibility for your photo products, attracting more potential customers.

Photo display of metal prints ranging in sizes from 4x4” up to a 16x20”.

Be Personal:
Engaging with customers is critical to driving sales. Staff members should adopt an upbeat, positive approach when interacting with guests. For sales interactions, encourage staff members to use their personalities while providing key phrases and pointers to communicate the product offerings effectively.

Partner Up:
Selecting a reliable photo partner is essential. Look for a company that offers a range of quality products, guarantees customer happiness, provides competitive pricing, and handles customer needs promptly. A true partner should understand the complexities of the cruise and resort industry and be willing to adapt and innovate their offerings accordingly.

For this, Ian looks to one company, “Aside from having a wide range of top-quality products at very reasonable prices, [Nations and Artsy’s] dedication to the account and their customer service is absolutely the best I have encountered in all my years in the industry.”

Selling photo products on cruise ships and in resorts requires strategic planning and effective engagement. By optimizing space, maintaining quality products, engaging guests, and partnering with reliable vendors, you can increase your sales and provide customers with unique, memorable photos that capture their vacation memories.

Image shows a product display of same day Canvas as well as cube and cube ornaments - all customizable for on-demand product lines.

Cruise clients of Artsy Couture are seeing great results in driving incremental sales growth to their photo operations. Artsy Couture will work with your team to create a sales strategy, design custom templates, and train your staff on building the product. For more information contact [email protected]. Visit our website


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