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BLOG: Uncover the Secrets of Denmark

Get ready for simple pleasures and unexpected delights in the land of everyday wonder. (Photo: Niclas Jessen).
Get ready for simple pleasures and unexpected delights in the land of everyday wonder. (Photo: Niclas Jessen).

The people living in Northern Europe are often referred to as the happiest, most innovative, and most sustainable. It sounds like bragging, but the list of “mosts” just goes on and on. But what is it they are getting right every time? Follow along as we uncover three secrets of Denmark.

“Where is Denmark” might be one of the most searched things about the country, but it certainly does not mean that this Scandinavian pearl has nothing to offer your cruise guests.

In fact, the visit might include side effects. Your guests might experience a newfound love for simple things, sustainability, Design and an intense craving for odd local food like ‘smørrebrød’ and liquorice. This we do not apologize for.

Instead, we want to uncover the secrets of our everyday wonders with you. To give you a glimpse of why, the Danes have been some of the happiest for several years. Did you, for instance, know that we climb our bridges because mountains are nowhere to be seen?

Lillebælt Bridge walking – see it all from above!

In the middle of Denmark, not far away from Fredericia, a unique experience awaits. Visitors can climb the Old Belt Bridge, 60 meters above sea level. Walking across the belt, you have an excellent view of the strait, Jutland, and Funen.

This is one of the things that even make the locals feel the adrenaline pumping! You might even be lucky enough to glimpse porpoises or seals swimming in the water below you. Who needs mountains when you can get this?

 Mitch Wiesinger).

Mitch Wiesinger).

Danish Design treasures hidden in ‘Designmuseum Denmark’

The egg chair by Arne Jacobsen, the PH5 lamp by Poul Henningsen, the Margrethe bowl by Sigvard Bernadotte and Acton Bjørn, and the Panton chair by Verner Panton. The list of world-famous Danish designs goes on and on, and the Danes have become famous for their minimalistic, classic design.

In Designmuseum Danmark located in Copenhagen, you can see most of these fantastic treasures. Since 1926, the museum has been housed in one of Copenhagen’s finest rococo buildings, the former Royal Frederik’s Hospital.

 Luka Hesselberg).

Luka Hesselberg).

The museum’s primary goal is to communicate the idea of quality within design. By exhibiting exemplary objects and collections, it seeks to raise the level of Danish industrial products and act as a source of inspiration for people working in the industry. It also aims at making contemporary consumers more critical and quality oriented. Here, locals and foreigners go ‘Design hunting’ side by side, uncovering the Danish Design history.

Seaweed safari – surprises along the coast

New experiences, new taste impressions, and surprises. We promise that your guests get a memorable experience when they turn our world upside down and dive into the beautiful and diverse sea underneath us. In North Zealand, near Hundested, you can go on safaris, but unlike in the ones in Africa, these are all vegan!

On these safaris, you wade at the water’s edge along the coast and harvest seaweed. On a good day, you can collect and taste between 7 - 12 different tasteful types of seaweed. This is truly a hidden gem in the seas sounding Denmark!

Did you ever think that you could eat and harvest your own seaweed? (Photo: Dansk Tang).

Did you ever think that you could eat and harvest your own seaweed? (Photo: Dansk Tang).

Do you need more reasons to put Denmark on your next itinerary? Or have we awakened your curiosity toward all our secrets?  

Feel free to reach out and read more on CruiseCopenhagen’s website and LinkedIn. To contact the attractions and destinations mentioned above, click here.