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Seatrade Cruise Global Matchmaking: The Next Wave in Making Connections

What does it take to fully engage other event attendees? To totally captivate and immerse them in something so stimulating and valuable that they’re bound to mark their calendars and return year after year?

Typically, an engaged attendee is a satisfied attendee. Give them great content, meaningful learning sessions, some entertainment, and the ability to connect with relevant peers, and the ROI takes care of itself, right?

Well, with a global event like Seatrade Cruise Global, the expectations are even higher. And they should be—it’s the world’s largest (and still growing!) annual gathering of cruise industry pros and suppliers, after all. Sure, the content, learning, , and entertainment is there. It’s a spectacular four days at the epicenter of all things cruise, that’s a given.

But in 2020, #STCGlobal is going next-level with networking...and it all begins well before you even step foot in the Miami Beach Convention Center this April.


Engage Early with Seatrade Cruise Global Matchmaking

With $134 billion in global revenue, the stakes are high in the cruising industry. So it stands to reason that a vast majority of the 13,000+ attendees and 750+ suppliers come to Seatrade Cruise Global to meet and conduct business. Whether catching up with current partners or forging new lucrative relationships, the valur of a handshake is on full display at #STCGlobal.

When onsite, there’s always networking that happens organically. That’s the joy of attending a conference and expo. But when it comes to an event of such epic magnitude, it’s almost essential to begin making connections as soon as possible. Perhaps even before the event kicks off…

Enter Seatrade Cruise Global Matchmaking, the official meetings program for the 2020 event and your vessel to strategically pre-plan your onsite encounters.

The Matchmaking tool acts as your 1:1 networking platform, allowing all registered attendees and exhibitors to engage early and often by requesting and receiving meeting invitations ahead of the show.


How exactly does it work? See for yourself…

The best part? It’s a FREE service for all registered attendees. Here’s a quick breakdown of all the highlights and benefits that make Seatrade Cruise Global Matchmaking such a revolutionary tool in attendee engagement:

  • Save time by pre-booking meetings and manage your show schedule
  • Be the first to speak to important contacts and the faces behind the latest products
  • Access to an entire database of key suppliers
  • Search by cruise industry sector, products, and job title
  • Arrange a full schedule of meetings about relevant deals
  • Send invitations to your target contacts and book meetings with them in advance
  • On-site SMS and email meeting reminders and concierge service
  • Downloadable meeting schedule with partner contact details
  • Admittance to private Matchmaking Lounge


Find and Book Meetings with New Business Contacts. Start Today!

Gone are the days of event attendees hoping to meet the right people and come away with a few new contacts and potential partners. You’ll now have a complete agenda and pre-planned roster of private meetings that hone in on your specific business needs, all set up before your arrival in Miami.

For cruise executives, Seatrade Cruise Global is your oyster...and the Matchmaking tool is your chance to uncover all the pearls that guarantee an engaging event that sets you up for a prosperous 2020 and beyond.


Get your pass today and unlock access to Seatrade Cruise Global Matchmaking!



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