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STCGlobal - Exhibitor Q&A Spotlight: Teco 2030

We caught up with Teco 2030, Seatrade Cruise Global 2023 exhibitor to hear about their products

Generic Sponsor Q&A

  • How does your product/service benefit the cruise industry and what sets it apart from the competition?

TECO 2030’s flagship product is its FCM400. A 400kW PEM fuel cell module for marine and heavy-duty applications. Developed from scratch through a partnership with Austrian-based AVL, the module has been designed based on specifications for marine requirements, we have made every design choice during product development towards this goal. At the start of the development process, the company underwent analysis of several different fuel cell types, concluding that PEM fuel cell technology was the only one sufficiently mature for commercialization at that time. The benefits of PEM fuel cells are that they are very compact, lightweight and can be operated dynamically. They have very similar properties to a marine 4-stroke engine. We foresee that PEM fuel cells will typically be used for propulsion within short-sea shipping and inland waterways, and for auxiliary power generation for ships of all sizes when in port.

  • What do you see as your biggest challenge within the industry in the coming year?

The fuel cell market is expected to boom in the next years and decade, as the global race to net zero is well under way. Regulations on emissions are increasing around the world, and the emission trading schemes will certainly boost the transition towards renewable fuels. During Seatrade 2023, TECO 2030 has a goal of increasing overall exposure to the global cruise industry and provide exposure of our product portfolio.

  • Describe any concrete steps your organisation is taking to improve sustainability in cruise?

TECO 2030 is proactively working to engage in the tremendous green transition going on around the globe, treating the shipping industry’s environmental impact with as much scrutiny as we treat other polluting sectors. Fuel Cells powered by green hydrogen are today the only feasible option for zero-emission heavy-duty marine applications.

  • What does sustainability mean to your company?

For us, sustainability and efficient use of marine technology are at the heart of everything we do, and will contribute to making TECO 2030 a profitable company. We will also be open and transparent about the potential risks and negative aspects of our business operations and take the necessary steps to reduce such risks and impacts.

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