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APT: ITF allegations on crew pay ‘misrepresent the situation’

Caledonian Sky
Australian Pacific Touring (APT) fired back at allegations it owes A$2m in unpaid crew wages.

In a statement, APT said a release by Ian Bray of the International Transport Workers Federation fundamentally misrepresents the situation in respect to Caledonian Sky.

The statement reads: 'APT has run a successful Kimberley program for more than 40 years, and prides itself on not only our operational excellence but also our care for staff and crew.

'There has never been, nor is there, any avoidance of payment of any wages to the crew. APT rejects in the strongest terms the unfounded allegations of wage theft and the baseless criticisms of its practices. APT's practices are consistent with industry standards and the applicable laws.'

'Final adjustments to wages to be made shortly'

The statement continues: 'As has been the practice for many years, and as the ITF is aware, APT is currently finalising the crew's wages consistent with their Australian entitlements. APT has kept the International Transport Workers Federation and Mr. Bray fully informed throughout this process. APT has also kept AMSA (Australian Marine Safety Authority) and FWO (Fair Work Ombudsman) properly informed. This process is in its final stages and it is expected final adjustments to wages will be made shortly.

'APT is disappointed by the stance taken by the ITF and the way in which it has misrepresented APT's processes and the current situation.'

Seatrade Cruise News has reached out to ITF for a response.