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Just out: Seatrade Cruise Review highlights crew repatriation

Crew crisis — Caught in the pandemic, seafarers bear the brunt
Seafarers are among those most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The latest Seatrade Cruise Review — just out, on the eve of Seatrade Cruise Virtual — chronicles the phenomenal efforts to repatriate the crew and some hardships they face without jobs.

Carnival Corp. & plc deployed 59 ships — more than half its fleet — to sail crew home, covering an astonishing 800,000 nautical miles. On top of that, about 230 charter flights were arranged. The company poured $300m into crew repatriation and worked with more than 100 countries, Adm. Bill Burke, EVP/chief maritime officer, told Seatrade Cruise Review.

Michael Bayley, president and CEO, Royal Caribbean International, describes how 'the poor seafarers were caught in a bizarre no person's land of existence, stuck on the ships. There was fear and anxiety ... a lot of mental anguish and mental health issues. You're suddenly isolated, the world is uncertain. You're young, worried about your family at home.'

Cruise line efforts were supported by crewing agencies, ships' agencies, ship management companies, air transport specialists, unions and seafarer charities.

Josh Weinstein profiled

Seatrade Cruise Review profiles Josh Weinstein, who went from legal to treasurer to head of Carnival UK and, newly, chief operations officer, Carnival Corp. & plc. Weinstein is a 'super-talent' and a 'plug & play' kind of executive who's excelled at each new challenge, according to Stein Kruse, CEO, Holland America Group and Carnival UK.

Special reports, expert commentary

The magazine also offers special reports on Mediterranean destinations, Italy and Asia. Expert commentaries assess topics like ship stability, technologies to fight COVID-19 and rethinking check-in/embarkation.

In addition to a ship management survey, features include smart ship design for infection control, ship recycling and building sustainability into recovery.

Plus, the cruise industry orderbook, executive changes and more.

The new issue is here

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