BioHiTech scores $1.5m order from Carnival Corp.

BioHiTech digesters process food waste
BioHiTech Global received approximately $1.5m in new food waste digester and maintenance, parts and services orders from Carnival Corp.

'We are encouraged by Carnival's continued commitment and expanded use of our products and services to meet their ESG goals,' said Anthony Fuller, CEO of BioHiTech. 'BioHiTech continues to drive strong value for a growing array of brands under Carnival's fleet and we look forward to continuing our strong relationship with value-added services.'

Sustainable food waste management

He added: 'Carnival's adoption of our technology and data solutions and its commitment to sustainable food waste management is further validation for BioHiTech.'

Proprietary data analytics

BioHiTech digesters are equipped with a sophisticated proprietary data analytics platform, providing transparency into the waste stream allowing food waste to be addressed at both the point of generation and disposal.

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