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In Focus: Covid-19 Solutions

Bluestone Group teams with NEXT for UV-C tech management, installation

CRUISE Bluestone Group.jpg
Monaco-based Bluestone Group, an on-voyage repair, installation and technical company, is working with NEXT, a provider of UV-C products and systems to reduce pathogens including COVID-19.

Global-ready installation teams

'The combination of NEXT’s solutions and products and our global-ready installation and technical teams is a perfect fit for the challenges that surround the cruise and shipping industries,' BlueStone Director Giuseppe Costa said. 'On-board systems are very complex, balanced and demand the technical and shipside experience we deliver through the installation of a wide range of applications.'

BlueStone will deploy the NEXT arsenal of UV-C systems and appliances, from the ships’ primary HVAC system to reduce the distribution of pathogens to UV-C appliances including a line of stand-alone air purification and surface decontamination products.

IQSafe for isolation

In addition, NEXT’s intelligent quarters (IQSafe) can be set up to safely isolate infected crew and passengers.

'Infections will occur. It will be critical to segregate those infected from the ship's company and guests with safe solutions,' Costa said. 'These turnley applications and installations can be rapidly deployed to ships around the world.' 

'It will take a multi-platform of systems and protocols to immunize a ship,' he added. 'These solutions will empower cruise operators to mitigate risk.'

BlueStone riding teams offer coded fitter welders and carpenters; electrical, pipe and mechanical fitters; insulators, electricians, riggers and scaffolders, tank and general cleaners, painters, cabinet makers/craftsmen and tile and carpet fitters.