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EpiGuard presents EpiShuttle intensive care treatment-isolation pod

Suitable for COVID-19 patients, the EpiShuttle allows patient monitoring and full intensive care treatment during transport
A pod that is capable of transporting passengers suffering from infectious illnesses - including COVID-19 - while delivering full intensive care treatment, has been launched by Norwegian company EpiGuard.

In addition to patient monitoring, emergency procedures including intubation and insertion of central venous catheters can be carried out within the EpiShuttle pod.

‘The EpiShuttle is a single patient isolation and transport system. It enables safe transport of contagious patients, on cruise ships. It completely isolates the patient, while at the same time allows for necessary care and treatment during transport,’ explained Ellen Andersen, ceo, EpiGuard.

She added, ‘Having an EpiShuttle onboard increases preparedness and lowers the risk of an uncontrolled virus outbreak.’

COVID-19 patients

The transparent hard-top pod features an adjustable backrest to help reduce coughing. According to Andersen, ‘comfort and a reduced feeling of constriction’ for patients inside the EpiShuttle was an ‘important aspect’ when designing it.

So says Andersen, ‘Having an EpiShuttle on board all cruise ships could be part of the new safety standard on board.’ 


CE-marked as a class one medical device, EpiShuttle is described by EpiGuard as being currently in use worldwide in hospitals and in air- and road ambulances. It also claims that the pod is being utilised by British, Canadian, Norwegian and Danish air forces, plus EMS services globally. 

Through LifePort, the product is registered with the FDA and Health Canada.

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