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Hands-free water filling station launched by Hatenboer-Water

Article-Hands-free water filling station launched by Hatenboer-Water

Hatenboer-Water provides training and materials to help crew become acquainted with the Plastic Free @Sea concept
Netherlands-based Hatenboer-Water's Plastic Free @Sea is a hands-free sensor activated water filling station that aims to reduce dependency on plastic bottles onboard vessels, and support health and hygiene measures.

'When COVID-19 came in, we switched gear to adapt and introduce contact-free tap points fast,’ explained Mark Knoester, sales manager water quality, Hatenboer-Water. 'For those who fear low-quality water in their tanks, we’ve added a three-step filtration unit, including a reverse osmosis membrane. We can even do a risk assessment upfront to improve all water related assets on board.’ 

He highlighted ‘potential savings’ that result from reduced handling time, logistics and plastic usage. The company has developed a free online calculator offering a breakdown of possible savings.


The solution consists of a contact free water bottle filling station, a filtration unit and reusable bottles. Each water fountain features hands-free sensor activation, providing users with sanitary, touchless bottle filling of up to 850 litres per day.

US-based Elkay partnered on the stainless filling station, which comes with a ticker to show the user the number of plastic water bottles saved from waste. 

Pentair’s Everpure MRS-225 CC Reverse Osmosis Unit technology is also incorporated in the structure. It supplies filtration to neutralize taste and odor-causing contaminants before a reverse-osmosis phase purifies the water removing dirt, particulates and dissolved minerals. The membrane-level filtering also provides a barrier to viruses and bacteria.

At the final stage, a calcite filter brings back essential minerals which slowly mix with the water for taste and to support health.

'Easy' to maintain

The units are ‘easy’ to maintain, according to Hatenboer-Water; the key components have an antimicrobial protection that inhibits the growth of mould and mildew plus the dispenser indicates clearly when filters need to be changed.

Crew training

On- and offline training and information to help crew grow acquainted with the ins and outs of the system are offered by Hatenboer-Water. Each crew member is also provided with visual information such as posters, infographics and a digital magazine explaining the Plastic Free @Sea concept in detail. A manual and further dedicated training can also be given.


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