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OneOcean creates Environmental Planner restrictions monitor

The display shows in real-time where a vessel is in relation to environmental restrictions
OneOcean Group has created a dynamic timeline as part of its Voyage Planning platform that provides real-time data on environmental rules and restrictions in place before and during a cruise.

The Active Environmental Timeline displays a comprehensive list of environmental events that can safely and legally take place aboard a vessel during a rolling 12-hour window, based on the ship’s departure time, its current position, and speed. The data shown is based on routing criteria, situational factors, and vessel details.

‘Traditionally, if a ship’s actual departure time doesn’t match the one on the passage plan, then all the environmental considerations have to be re-calculated,’ explained Tony Brown, deputy chief technology officer, OneOcean Group. ‘The new Active Environmental Timeline saves a great deal of effort by performing these re-calculations based on real-time information in just one click, enabling dynamic updates to all relevant data.’

Outfit management, routing, calculations, weather, due diligence on notices and risks, and the monitoring of environmental restrictions are merged into an integrated workflow connecting navigational and environmental planning. So said the company’s chief strategy officer, Nicholas Bourque, ‘In order to meet the ever-growing regulatory challenges, companies will need to implement a more connected and simplified approach to operationalise environmental planning. The enhanced OneOcean platform represents a better way of preparing for any voyage.’

Vessel-specific information

All relevant data is viewed on a single screen with information specific to the vessel, and the company requirements and policies in place. Actions, such as discharges and emissions, are detailed by category and can be grouped in line with the user’s specifications.

The timeline, which refreshes every three minutes, indicates how long the ship is likely to remain in the zone where vessels must comply with regulations or stringent company guidelines. Colour codes indicate whether the status is: green - legal; amber - legal with conditions; or red - illegal.

Part of the ship’s official passage plan

Access to the environmental planner in the passage plan and the active timeline enables a coordinated approach in both the planning and monitoring stages of a voyage. Should departure be delayed, both the timeline and document can be dynamically adjusted to correctly show the ship’s position in relation to the environmental regulations in place along the route. Even if the vessel speed is increased, the timeline will adjust to accurately reflect the change. 

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