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Universal testing a strong message: CLIA's Goldstein

Before COVID-19, 32m people had been expected to cruise this year. With the ongoing US no-sail order and a very slow restart of cruising in Europe and even slower pace in Asia, that number is going to be significantly hit.

However, Cruise Lines International Association Global Chairman Adam Goldstein told BBC World News’ Lucy Hockings in an 'Inspiring Cruise Confidence' armchair chat at Seatrade Cruise Virtual, the cruise industry will recover.

'But it will take time and a lot of work out into the future, but we will get there in time and continue on our way,' he said.

Seeking constructive dialogue with CDC

Speaking about the US no-sail order, Goldstein referenced the multi-decade positive relationship the cruise industry has had with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. ‘They and we have a challenge today and we continue to look for constructive engagement and dialogue to work through these challenges we face and I am optimistic about that.’

He wouldn't speculate when the no-sail order will be lifted but takes heart from what has happened with cruising's resumption in Europe, with strong protocols in place and today's message that CLIA lines are introducing 100% testing of crew and passengers globally as referenced at the 'State of the Global Cruise Industry' keynote.

Multilayered approach

'We need a multilayered approach – it’s not a case of one approach being bulletproof but layers of protection and capabilities to deal with the fight against COVID on board, including testing prior to boarding but also constant monitoring, plus the wearing of masks, social distancing, increased handwashing, control of shore excursions ... What we have heard from the passengers who have joined cruises under these new protocols is that they are happy to conform and I am confident we can enforce what needs to be enforced and the demand is clearly still there.'

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