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Fresh 2023 Arctic season itineraries announced for Ocean Albatros

The vessel will visit the UNESCO World Heritage Ilulissat Icefjord
Greeland, Svalbard and destinations in the Baltic Sea are among the locations Albatros Expeditions’ Ocean Albatros will sail in 2023, following its launch in October next year.


Seven itineraries will be dedicated to exploring Greenland, with passengers invited to experience Northeast Greenland National Park - the largest national park in the world - the UNESCO World Heritage Ilulissat Icefjord and settlements on the west side plus discover viking history in the south of the island. 


Observing polar bears in their natural habitat is part of the vessel’s four Svalbard itineraries.

Baltic Sea

Two new programmes will explore historic and natural locations in the Baltic Sea. As Soren Rasmussen, owner and chairman, Albatros Expeditions described them, ‘After the fall of Jerusalem in 1187, the crusading knights and the states that supported them pointed their weapons at the pagan tribes along the Baltic Sea. This rarely told story of the Danish medieval kings and the expansion of the German order of knights forms the framework for these cruises.’ 


The 183-passenger Ice Class 1A, PC 6 Ocean Albatros is the sistership of Ocean Victory. Measuring 104 mtr long and 18 mtr wide it features 95 large staterooms and suites, with environmentally friendly amenities found in all staterooms.

The interiors are of Nordic style; three restaurants, including a Nordic-sushi specialty restaurant, an infinity pool, jacuzzis, spa, gym, and panorama sauna can be found on board. 

‘Cleanest engines in the world’

So says the line’s president, Hans Lagerweij, of the 8,000gt vessel, ‘Ocean Albatros has Tier III compliant engines, the cleanest engines in the world that limit the amount of nitrous oxides. 

‘Secondly, we only burn marine gas oil, which emits less CO2 per ton burned, compared to a heavier bunker fuel. 

‘Thirdly, the patented and revolutionary Ulstein [Design & Solutions’] X-bow is fantastically efficient, especially with surf and in rougher seas. 

‘And lastly, Ocean Albatros has a fully optimised compact design…’ 

The ship is built with Safe Return to Port, dynamic positioning and zero speed stabilisers.


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