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Geoffrey Kent to host Northeast Passage trek for A&K's 30th year of expedition cruising

PHOTO: RUSS TSCHUKOTKA CRUISE_A&K_expedition_leader_Steffan_Graupner_Photo_Russ_Tschukotka.jpg
Scientist/explorer Steffan Graupner will serve as expedition leader
Abercrombie & Kent founder Geoffrey Kent will host a Northeast Passage trek in 2021, the company's 30th year of luxury expedition cruising.

What was once an intrepid way to observe wildlife in remote destinations has since been transformed into a luxurious adventure, providing comfort and access. Today A&K offers 12 voyages, including polar and cultural cruises, across six continents.

To commemorate the anniversary, Kent will host a new expedition, 'The Northeast Passage: Across the Russian Arctic.'

'In 1991 we set out to explore Antarctica, a place that speaks to my passion for discovery,' Kent said. 'Thirty years later, I am excited to explore a new frontier, the Russian High Arctic, alongside A&K guests and my wife Otavia. In this rarely transited, vast wilderness, each day’s activities are determined by the captain and expedition leader based on ice, weather and sea conditions, as well as knowledge gained from years of experience. That’s the appeal of expedition cruising — the unpredictability, and thrill, of adventure.'

Tromsø to Nome

The Aug. 27 - Sept 21 voyage will navigate from Tromsø, Norway, to Nome, Alaska, visiting remote settlements across the Russian High Arctic, seldom-seen Siberian islands, isolated wildlife habitats and Arctic nature reserves along the way.

Travelers can discover Soviet-era Russia with visits to Murmansk, the world’s biggest city north of the Arctic Circle, and Provideniya, a former military port. Wrangel Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site recognized for its vast biodiversity, offers 400 species of plants, walruses and bird life. The Great Arctic State Nature Reserve in the Kara Sea spans 41,000 square kilometers and is home to polar bears, Arctic fox, reindeer and beluga whales.

Kiliii Yuyan and Steffen Graupner

A&K's expedition teams include accomplished explorers, from award-winning scientists to habitat conservationists, historians and recipients of the prestigious Polar Medal. The Northeast Passage cruise features Kiliii Yuyan, a National Geographic photographer of Siberian descent who specializes in indigenous people, and expedition leader Steffen Graupner, a scientist who has explored extensively in Russia.

The voyage will travel on a chartered Ponant ship and is limited to 199 passengers. The 26-day journey is priced starting at  $36,995 with an early booking discount. Any A&K luxury expedition cruise booked by the end of 2020 gives the flexibility to change travel plans for up to 30 days before departure in the event of a COVID-19-related reason.