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Hurtigruten's 2023/24 has three ships in Antarctica and Northwest Passage

PHOTO: DAN AVILA/HURTIGRUTEN CRUISE_Hurtigruten_Antarctica_Photo_Dan_Avila.jpg
Hurtigruten will offer a selection of 34 Antarctica cruises, the largest ever program on the White Continent
Deeper exploration of Antarctica, three ships in the Northwest Passage, off-the-beaten-track Alaska and more adventures in Svalbard highlight Hurtigruten Expeditions’ 2023/24 program.

In addition to new destinations like the Galápagos, West Africa, the Canary Islands and Caribbean, the company will put more ships on its signature itineraries, expand its expedition teams and add equipment. 

34 Antarctica cruises

Three ships will be in Antarctica for the full season with a selection of 34 cruises, the largest ever offering on the White Continent, Falkland Islands and South Georgia. Expeditions span 12 to 23 days, including several 16-day attempts to push south of the Antarctic Circle.

Three Northwest Passage transits

Three ships will explore Canada's remote Northwest Passage, with Roald Amundsen and Fridtjof Nansen operating simultaneous full transits in opposite directions and meeting mid-passage. Fram will also sail the Northwest Passage.

More Alaska and Svalbard

Further offerings include more Alaska expedition cruises and, in the Arctic, expanded opportunities to explore Svalbard, where Hurtigruten operated the first expedition cruises in 1896.

Other destinations are the east and west coasts of Greenland, eight full circumnavigations of Iceland and exploration of the Chilean fjords.

Larger expedition teams, more equipment

Leading up to the 2023/24 season, the size of the expedition team on all Hurtigruten Expeditions ships will be increased and more expedition equipment will be added.

This means more kayaking, more small-boat exploration, hiking, lectures, science projects and other activities.

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