Oceanwide Expeditions returning to Antarctica with two ships

Plancius (pictured) and Hondius to restart Oceanwide Expedition's Antarctica season
Oceanwide Expeditions is going back to Antarctica restarting operations with two of its four ships, Plancius and Hondius, which will begin the 2021 Antarctic season on November 23 and 26, respectively.

Plancius has already set sail from the company’s headquarters in the Netherlands and is on her way south.

Due to their many months of inactivity, both ships have undergone maintenance and extensive sea trials to guarantee their equipment, speed, maneuverability, and other vital factors are as fit for Antarctic sailing, noted Oceanwide Expeditions.

Health & safety protocols

‘Multiple safety enhancements have been added to our ships and sanitation protocols to keep guests healthy during their voyages,’ said Oceanwide. These include UV air filtration units in our HVAC systems, thermal cameras in ship common areas for continuous temperature screening, and quarantine cabins with independent ventilation systems, among other things.

 All crew are vaccinated and all passengers must present proof of completed vaccination before boarding.

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