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Seabourn Venture Bow Lounge gets explorers close to nature

Seabourn Venture Bow Lounge.jpeg
The Bow Lounge will afford easy access to the outside, large screens showing footage from exterior cameras and touch screens showing the ship’s location, navigational charts and scientific information
Expedition ship Seabourn Venture will have a Bow Lounge designed to optimize views and provide direct access to the outdoors.

Located on Deck 6 at the forward-most part of the vessel, the Bow Lounge will provide the closest access to water level via the foredeck, making it an ideal spot to observe marine life. Within a few steps, passengers can be outside, with a great vantage to watch the ship’s course and the scenery.

As envisioned by Adam Tihany, the creative design eye behind Seabourn’s expedition newbuilds, the Bow Lounge also will provide touch screens showing the ship’s location, navigational charts and scientific information.

Live footage from exterior cameras and a drone

Large screens will project live footage from cameras mounted outside, and from a drone when conditions permit, while the touch screen monitors invite passengers to explore on their own with a live map, weather information and notes detailing upcoming expeditions.

Expedition team members will be available within the Bow Lounge throughout the day to interact with travelers, answer questions, provide interpretation and spot wildlife.

Bowsprit access

The space also will provide direct access to the bowsprit on Deck 6 forward so passengers can see the waves parting and ice sloughing off the bow at the waterline.

‘While we can’t put Seabourn guests in the captain’s chair on the bridge, the Bow Lounge helps guests feel like they are part of the action because of the position at the very front of the ship along with information like maps and charts displayed on touch screens,’ Seabourn President Rick Meadows said. The lounge, he added, is a feature that sets Seabourn Venture apart from many expedition vessels.

With a palette of deep blue and orange hues, the Bow Lounge features rhythmic architectural lighting panels that balance the space and contribute to the feeling of a control center laid out for full access by travelers. Wood and metal patchwork wall panels will reflect the angular motif of the custom carpet and reintroduce a handcrafted sensibility into one of the more technical and engaging spaces on board.

Snacks in the pantry

The ‘Pantry in the Bow Lounge,’ one of eight dining experiences on Seabourn expedition ships, will allow passengers to help themselves to freshly prepared light fare and refreshments as they scan the horizon and socialize with others.

Itineraries for inaugural 2021 season of Seabourn Venture are now open for booking. A sister ship is set to launch in May 2022.

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