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Lindblad Expeditions begins Starlink rollout (updated)

National Geographic Resolution is among the Lindblad Expeditions ships with Starlink service
Lindblad Expeditions has begun rolling out SpaceX’s high-speed, low-latency broadband Internet, Starlink.

With Starlink's implementation, the line will also unveil three new tiered Internet packages by year's end. These include a free 'Basic' tier that enables free messaging via apps like iMessage, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, email and limited social media; an 'Enhanced' tier that supports general web browsing and social media, as well as video calls on Zoom, FaceTime and other platforms; and a 'Premium' tier with full, unlimited web, social and streaming access.

Coverage in remote locations

'Starlink will enable up to 10 times faster download speeds over our existing service and enhanced streaming capabilities with full coverage throughout some of our most remote itineraries, like Antarctica, the Canadian Arctic, Svalbard and Alaska,' Chief Commercial Officer Noah Brodsky said.

'This enhanced connectivity will also enable even more meaningful research and conservation work for our naturalists, expedition leaders and the researchers in our Visiting Scientist Program.'

Starlink service is currently available on National Geographic Venture, National Geographic Quest, National Geographic Sea Bird, National Geographic Sea Lion, National Geographic Explorer, National Geographic Endurance and National Geographic Resolution.

Plus Speedcast contract extension

Update: In addition, Lindblad extended its contract with Speedcast which will supply geostationary satellite and Starlink low-Earth-orbit satellite services, as well as cellular near-shore wireless, L-band satellite and Speedcast’s upgraded SD-WAN and SIGMA solutions.

With the Starlink addition, Speedcast is installing two maritime flat-panel, high-performance antennas aboard many Lindblad ships, work expected to be completed by the end of the year.