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Mondee launches AI platform with multi-party conversational commerce

Mondee Holdings introduced its mobile-first AI platform with multi-party conversational commerce integrated into the Mondee Travel Marketplace.

The Mondee Marketplace provides travel options with AI-embedded collaborative curation across all components of air, hotels, vacation rental accommodations, ground transportation, cruises, tours, packages, activities and events. 

Fifty cruise lines are supported.

Mondee claims it is among the first to combine leading technologies such as generative AI, deep learning, computer vision and a recommendation engine to personalize and streamline the travel booking process.

Uses multiple AI engines

Harnessing multiple AI engines such as Google Bard, OpenAI/ChatGPT and IBM Watson, Mondee created Abhi, which it touts as 'the most powerful personal AI travel assistant in the market.'

Abhi can engage in meaningful conversations, understand complex queries and offer comprehensive responses. It instantaneously creates personalized travel guides based on users’ interests.  

Mondee also integrated a commerce engine, fintech tools and significant enhancements into its AI cloud platform. This provides an end-to-end travel experience solution, supported by travel experts, influencers and freelancers.

Plan, book, share and make changes

'It streamlines how you plan, book, share and even make changes to your trip,' Prasad Gundumogula, founder, CEO and chairman, Mondee Holdings, said in a Wednesday briefing.

Other online travel agencies may handle inquiries using one AI engine, but Mondee linked all of them and chooses the most relevant response, explained Orestes Fintiklis, vice chairman, chief corporate strategy and business development officer.

Then, he said, Mondee takes things much further.

'The most integrated AI platform out there'

'Our AI allows you to go all the way to the booking, not just booking, to make changes after you book, and create a real-time customized itinerary and a travel guide you can experience before you choose a trip to decide if that is the trip for you  ... ' Plus, this goes beyond the travel components to booking experiences and restaurant reservations.

'We believe we have at this point in time the most elaborate, the most sophisticated, the most integrated, full stop, AI platform, by light years compared with what you have seen out there,' Fintiklis said.

Abhi, the personal AI assistant, can engage with users in meaningful conversations, understand complex questions and offer comprehensive responses. It provides more personalized suggestions as travelers plan their trip. Abhi also can instantly create a custom experience travel guide based on a traveler's interests, making it easier to refine the trip and complete the booking.

Building a trip — an example

To show how it works, Gundumogula said: 'Hey Abhi, what's the trendiest beach club in Greece right now for someone in their 30s who likes house music?' The platform immediately responded: 'The trendiest beach club is Cavo Paradiso located on the island of Mykonos.'

From there, the user could ask Abhi to create a five-day trip to Mykonos to see the club and explore other attractions by providing their origin city, travel dates and activities of interest.

Abhi would then suggest a day-by-day plan for the trip. Once the itinerary is generated, the user receives a personalized travel booklet with additional information about attractions and activities, with related travel tips. By clicking 'explore now' on any of the trip days, the user gets details about the boat they want to rent, the windmills they want to see or the museum they want to visit, along with an interactive map.

Abhi also can make live connections with local experts to help refine the user's travel plans.

Pay for all components in a single checkout

By selecting 'book now,' users can view flight, hotel and activity options, then add them to their cart and pay in one single checkout.

Mondee said its Marketplace transactions are made using the latest payment security technology. More than 20 currencies are accepted with global credit card processing, alternate payments and digital wallet options.

For travelers, travel experts, influencers and organizations

Abhi is designed for use by travelers, travel experts (travel advisors), inluencers/freelancers and organizations/nonprofits.

It can link users to their travel advisor and allows advisors to upload their client list, calculates commission and provides analytics.

Influencers/freelancers can monetize their work, with Mondee's subscription fee waived for the first year, and a 1% commission paid to those who complete the booking. Or, instead, influencers can provide their followers a link to Mondee to complete the booking.

'Mondee extends our offerings to organizations and nonprofits, providing them secure and economical travel solutions that can serve as leisure travel incentives, or membership benefits to their members or employees,' Gundumogula said. 'Moreover, through their affiliated organizations and travel expert connections, travelers have access to a broad range of travel options at significantly discounted negotiated rates below those available on public travel sites.' 

TripBuddy for groups

TripBuddy, Mondee’s conversational commerce platform, lets travel experts and travelers collaborate via advanced messaging and cart technology that makes discussing travel details and coordinating travel booking within a group of travelers easier. With TripBuddy, travelers can build itineraries in a live environment and collaboratively book travel among friends, family or co-workers. 

The Marketplace currently offers travel content in 19 languages and real-time translation.

Based in Austin, Texas, Mondee is traded on the Nasdaq under the symbol MOND.