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Oracle opens Hospitality API specifications to help industry recover

CRUISE_OHIP Dev Portal 1.jpg
Oracle has made the REST API specifications in the Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform freely accessible
Oracle Hospitality has made its integrated platform REST API specifications accessible to technology providers and customers via the OHIP platform to help customers, including cruise lines, to access and repurpose the integrations to meet their specific needs.

Oracle has made the REST API specifications in the Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform (OHIP) freely accessible through GitHub under the Universal Permissive License (UPL) model.

By opening the REST API specifications for Oracle Hospitality OPERA Cloud, cruise line customers can directly benefit from years of development efforts, noted Oracle. The offering is available to OPERA Cloud customers at no additional cost.

New market requirements

The update was unveiled during Oracle Hospitality’s second annual Innovation Week virtual event which brought together close to 400 attendees from 60 countries to gain access to the knowledge and tools needed to help the industry adjust to new market requirements.

We have heard over and over from customers and partners that they would like to reuse or take inspiration from our REST API specs. They want our APIs to become the industry reference and are asking us to make it possible,’ said Laura Calin, vp of strategy at Oracle Hospitality.

Speeding innovation through an open architecture

The Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform centralizes, consolidates, and streamlines data and processes across hotel operations into a single and unified platform. It enables hoteliers to ‘plug-in’ applications from the Oracle Cloud Marketplace and third-party application providers to improve operations and elevate guest experiences in a matter of days and weeks rather than months or years.

‘According to an IDC survey undertaken last December on COVID-19 Impact on IT spending, 22% of hospitality and travel organizations cite insufficient data as a top challenge impeding innovation strategies,’ said Dorothy Creamer, senior research analyst, hospitality & travel digital transformation strategies, IDC.

Key priorities for rebound

‘Key priorities for hospitality to rebound from the COVID-19 crisis and achieve digital resiliency will be building technology ecosystems that allow rapid innovation, drive profit and improve efficiency,’ she added.

‘Since its debut in late 2020, more than 100 partners and many of our customers are now actively building integrations against our REST APIs,’ said Luis Weir, senior director of strategy at Oracle Hospitality.




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