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Princess Cruises bets on a sure thing: Ocean Sportsbook

Princess is betting on the popularity of sports and sports wagering, all facilitated by MedallionClass Cruising.

According to ESPN, sports betting is experiencing extraordinary growth, and is expected to reach more than $155bn by 2024.

Ocean Sportsbook on the Medallion app

When Princess ships are in international waters, or wherever permitted by law, passengers can use Ocean Sportsbook on the Medallion app to wager on major competitions and even place prop bets during live events. (Prop bets are wagers based on anything other than the outcome of the game such as Which team will score first?)

'Our guests are really embracing it. On a ship, there's the casino crowd and the non-casino crowd. Sportsbook is unique. It transcends different populations of guests,' Princess Cruises President John Padgett said. 'To be able to go on Saturday and place a wager on a football game on Sunday or playoffs coming up couldn't be more exciting for our guests.'

It all rests on MedallionNet Wi-Fi

In-play prop bets are possible thanks to the speed and reliability of MedallionNet Wi-Fi.

And, in the next couple months, Princess will implement futures, allowing wagers on future competitions that occur well after a voyage.

With this, even travelers from an area of the world without sports betting can go on a ship, place a wager on a future event, then head home.

'And so it really starts to expand the mindset of what Princess Cruises means to a guest both on the ship and off the ship,' Padgett said.

NBA and WNBA team logos

In other Medallion news, customization options have been dramatically expanded. Users can personalize their Medallion by choosing from a portfolio of symbols, objects, art, landmarks, birthstones, animals and more.

Or, in a sporty twist, they can choose their favorite NBA or WNBA team logo. Soon Princess expand to sports leagues beyond the NBA and WNBA.

'Everything works together'

It all illustrates that with MedallionClass Cruising, 'Everything works together,' Padgett elaborated.

'You're going on a cruise in the January, February, March timeframe. You're an NBA fan, you have connectivity, watching ESPN+, you're placing a bet on the game and you have a personalized Medallion that you've customized with your team's logo ... This is very exciting. People love their sports teams.'