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Cruise lawsuit wages on as Florida and CDC fail to reach a settlement

Florida and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have failed to reach an agreement over cruising's restart.

So said Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis's office.

The parties were ordered to mediate by June 1 and began meeting May 27. The mediation period was extended by a day, to June 2, and today the governor's office reported an impasse.

The case is being heard by US District Judge Steven Merryday in Tampa.

Hearing expected soon

According to legal sources, since Florida is seeking a preliminary injunction, a hearing would be expected soon and a ruling shortly.

Florida's lawsuit charges that the CDC lacks the authority to shut down the cruise industry and claims 'each day that cruises — a singled-out industry — cannot operate, Florida suffers irreparable harm.' 

Alaska-related filing

On Wednesday CDC attorneys filed a new brief asserting the recently passed Alaska Tourism Restoration Act that enables foreign-flag ships to operate in the state without making an international call also recognized the authority of the CDC's conditional sailing order.

Florida attorneys disputed that argument, stating the law only applies to Alaska ships, adding that the CDC lacks the authority it claimed and needed congressional action to 'allow it to apply its unlawful orders to Alaskan ships.'

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