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App for seafarers to securely send money home whilst at sea

Mobile phone
Custom money transfer service for crew
A custom money transfer service, aimed at crew, has been designed by digital remittance company Remitly.

This allows seafarers working onboard cruise ships to send money quickly and easily to the Philippines, India, and Indonesia whilst out at sea, through a secure domain.

Via mobile app or online

Available via mobile app or online using a cruise ship identification card, passport, and debit or credit card a specific time and date can be set for the payment to be sent and received.

‘Seafarers can be out at sea on service for long periods of time. This expansion of service will help them send money back home without the hassle and high fees of traditional money transfer services,’ said Remitly CEO and Co-founder Matt Oppenheimer.

This will be of particular interest to India and the Philippines, as the cruise sectors here continue to grow, he added.