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'Captain Spontaneous'/'The Free Spirit' are most popular CRUISE-A-NALITIES

'Captain Spontaneous'/'The Free Spirit' are most popular CRUISE-A-NALITIES
Most of the quarter million users of Carnival Corp.'s online 'CRUISE-A-NALITY' tool have been identified as 'Captain Spontaneous' or 'The Free Spirit.'

Sixty-five percent of those using the 'CRUISE-A-NALITY' tool have been women, Carnival Corp. said, and nearly 40% of those who completed the six-question quiz qualified as a 'Captain Spontaneous' (male) or 'The Free Spirit' (female) cruise personality.

This means they are up for whatever experience comes their way and are always looking for a good time.

The CRUISE-A-NALITY tool, available on Carnival's World's Leading Cruise Lines website, combines on-board, experience-based questions with destination-based questions to provide tailored cruise line recommendations for each participant. For instance, if a male answered questions about what kind of on-board experience he was looking for that led him to the 'Captain Spontaneous' persona and chose a tropical getaway, he might be provided with recommendations to travel with Carnival Cruise Line, Princess Cruises or Costa Cruises.

'The CRUISE-A-NALITY tool is a fun way for travelers to look for the cruise vacation experience that is best for them,' said Ken Jones, vp group marketing and insights for Carnival Corp. He added: 'The more we can help get the right people on the right ship for the right occasion, the more we are able to ensure we exceed guest expectations.'

Jones said the company always encourages consumers to work with travel agents, who can provide provide 'excellent insight.'

Carnival said people are spending, on average, more than 2.5 minutes on the site per visit. There are 30 possible CRUISE-A-NALITY personas available. This includes eight corresponding personalities—four male, four female—that were the most popular personas based on consumer answers to the quiz.

Following the Captain Spontaneous/The Free Spirit CRUISE-A-NALITIES, at 36% and 34% respectively, are 'Adventure Man' (male, 18%)/Madame Adventurous (female, 21%), 'The Super Dad'/'The Ultra Mom' (11% each), 'Admiral Amorous' (male, 11%)/'Lady Love' (female, 95).

The CRUISE-A-NALITY tool is part of Carnival Corp.'s multi-brand marketing initiative targeting non-cruisers.