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Carbon-neutral printing at Hapag-Lloyd Cruises

Carbon-neutral printing at Hapag-Lloyd Cruises
Hapag-Lloyd Cruises is collaborating with ClimatePartner to ensure all its printing requirements such as brochures, folders, letters and envelopes, will be carbon neutral.

The cruise operator selected a climate protection project in Kenya to support any carbon credits. The water treatment project in western Kenya provides rural homes with water filtration systems, improving their access to clean drinking water. With water filters, it is no longer necessary to boil drinking water using firewood, which cut CO2 emissions. Clean drinking water will also reduce the illness and mortality rates of children and adults. The project will also create numerous jobs.
'Environmental protection and sustainability are of immense importance to Hapag-Lloyd Cruises,' says ceo Karl J. Pojer. 'With carbon-neutral printing, we are adding a new dimension to our commitment to sustainability.'
On the fleet operations side of its business, Europa 2 features a SCR catalytic converter which reduces nitrogen oxide emissions by almost 96% whilst slow steaming is applied as part of the vessel management on all four ships. Additionally, the Zodiacs on the two expedition ships, Hanseatic and Bremen  feature electric motors.