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Carnival Maritime collaborates with Hamburg Vessel Coordination Center to optimise port arrival times

Carnival Maritime collaborating with Hamburg Vessel Coordination Center
Starting next week, Carnival Maritime is collaborating with the Hamburg Vessel Coordination Center (HVCC) in order to optimally plan the movements of the AIDA and Costa cruise ships arriving in the Port of Hamburg and through the narrow river Elbe. 

To facilitate this, Carnival Maritime is sharing the expected arrival and departure times of the ships with the Nautische Terminal Koordination (Nautical Terminal Coordination unit), a department of HVCC.

The department constantly matches this information with the current traffic situation and will keep Carnival Maritime informed.

Should it, for instance, be predictable that there is a waiting time involved if the ship maintains its current speed, NTK can recommend either the need to speed up or reduce speed accordingly. Carnival Maritime then shares the information with the respective ship’s command so they can optimize the vessel's speed.

'This saves on fuel, because it reduces waiting times,' explains Jörgen Strandberg, director fleet operations at Carnival Maritime.

Predictability doesn't just mean saving on fuel and emissions, it also provides advantages for cruise guests. They find out in good time about any adjustments to the travel schedule, and can therefore adapt their activities and enjoy their journey to the fullest, he added.

HVCC is the port-wide coordination center for large ships, feeder and inland vessel traffic in the Port of Hamburg. 'We are very pleased that Carnival Maritime is collaborating with us,' states Heinrich Goller, ceo of HVCC. 'The more partners we work with, the better we can coordinate the large vessels. It is our goal to recognize potential conflict situations in the river Elbe at an early stage and to make early suggestions to our partners how to avoid the situation.'

The HVCC is a joint venture of the Port of Hamburg's two container-terminal operators, Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) and EUROGATE Container Terminal Hamburg GmbH (CTH).