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Costa and the University of Gastronomic Sciences team to deliver sustainable food on-board

Costa and the University of Gastronomic Sciences team to deliver sustainable food on-board
A three-year cooperation-based project promoting sustainable food on-board cruise ships is the subject of the agreement announced by Costa Cruises  and the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo.

Starting from Italian and Mediterranean culinary traditions, the project aims at developing research that, by enhancing the flavour and taste of good food, focuses on quality-oriented research, respect for the environment, increasing awareness of a healthy diet and reducing waste.

Costa and UNISG will begin working together to reassess some on-board food preparing processes, to select products and suppliers based on sustainability factors, to provide guests with information that will enhance their awareness of the importance and value of food, and to provide training for Costa personnel at UNISG.

The first result of this project is the introduction of pizzas prepared exclusively with natural yeast, available starting December 5, 2015 on Costa Diadema and then on other Costa ships. To present this gastronomic innovation to guests, the Italian company created a new brand, Pummid’oro, which will become a distinctive feature of the on-board pizzerias.

There will also be a specific training program for Costa pizza makers taught by educators of the Advanced Apprenticeship of Bread of UNISG in Pollenzo, for which the theoretical part on preparing pizza with natural yeast will be presented through lessons in chemistry, microbiology and food technologies.